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Tacoma Dome May Get That Andy Warhol Flower After All

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Back when the Tacoma Dome was under construction in 1982, pop artist Andy Warhol submitted a proposal to paint a flower all across the roof. Tacoma passed on the idea and went with the muted blue color you know Now, it sounds like the city is willing to finally give Warhol's vision a shot. Or at least try it out as an adhesive first and see how they feel.

A small section of the Dome will get a patch of the material soon, as part of a six-month test to see whether the adhesive film will work, Councilman Marty Campbell said Thursday. He chairs the Economic Development Committee, which got an update on the new test during a meeting Tuesday. When the six months are up, Campbell said, he expects discussions to resume about whether to Warhol the Dome.

City officials say that it would cost approximately $2.2M to put the full work on the roof and would require $150K in annual cleaning costs, all of which would come from private funding. Given the kind of national media attention that it would drum up, at least at first, that might be a drop in the bucket. What do you think?
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Tacoma Dome

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