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REO Flats Honors Capitol Hill's Historic Auto Row

If you've been walking around Capitol Hill lately you might of noticed a giant REO Speedwagon mural coming to life at Pike and 14th Ave. And no, it's not a tribute to the band or an attempt to make Can't Fight This Feeling the official song of Seattle. The mural is actually a tribute to the neighborhood's Auto Row past by REO Flats, a new mixed use building coming soon to the area.

The REO Motor Company used to be one of those pieces of Auto Row. Founded in 1904 by Ransom E. Olds, after leaving Oldsmobile, some of their notable creations were the Speed Wagon and the Flying Cloud. The Speed Wagon truck was the beginning of what would become the pickup truck.

REO Flats are not only trying to honor the past with the mural, but also with the construction of the new building. They're working to maintain the ground floor character structures while adding updated living in the seven-floor apartment complex.

Some of the features inlcuded are electric car stations, LED lighting through out the building, rooftop access with a 250,000 BTU gas fireplace and being pet-friendly. One very unique part of the building is, instead of garbage disposals in every unit, each floor includes a trash organizer that will include the ability to compost.

10% of the 108 units are already leased. With REO Flats offering 20% of the units as Work Force Housing, they're expecting to get up to 30% leased soon.
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