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Lost Eddie Sato Seattle World's Fair Photos Now Found

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One day while shopping in Village Discount Outlet in Chicago, AJ LaTrace (editor of our sister site, Curbed Chicago) randomly came across two boxes of slides. After thumbing through, he realized that the slides were a series of photos from the 1962 Seattle World's Fair. And they were really, really good.

The photographs are very well composed and even show the personalities of the subjects. Each slide has a hand written title and caption and dates, which I've included on each image. The photos were taken by Eddie Sato, who was a Japanese-American citizen interned by the United States during the second World War. These images offer the viewer a glimpse into the family's life as they go on vacation to the World's Fair in Seattle. Sato, who shows up in the photos along with his wife Doris, was actually a noted artist here in Seattle. A sketchbook as well as eight pen and ink drawings are part of a special collection at UW Libraries. After he and Doris passed away, the photos may have been donated or given away, hence how they ended up where they did.

We've added some of the photos above but you can peruse all of them in this Flickr album. Get a sense of not only what Seattle and the World's Fair looked like in 1962, but what they felt like as well.
· Century 21 Exposition - 1962 Seattle World's Fair [Flickr]
· Eddie Sato Drawings [UW]

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Space Needle

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