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Seattle Landlords Not Doing As Well As You Think

Seattle rents are skyrocketing. Everywhere you look a landlord seems to be raising rent or a new development is setting a new bar for local rates. Clearly, these guys must be raking it in. According to a new RealtyTrac study of rental returns, however, it doesn't seem as though that's actually the case. The study looks at the 2014 fair-market rent for a three-bedrooom home in each market and compares it to the median sales price of property. Unfortunately, specifics numbers for our region aren't provided but most of the Seattle-Bellevue area makes for "poor" to "average" rental returns. Want to find better markets to rent our property? Head south to Tacoma or, better yet, all the way down to Long Beach, the only Western Washington region that rates "excellent."
· Best and Worst Markets for Rental Returns [RealtyTrac]