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1st Look At Residential Towers On Seattle Times Building Spot

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Given its location between Denny Way and Thomas Street & Boren and Fairview Avenues, you just knew when the old Seattle Times HQ sold for $62.5M back in August, something big was coming. Now we know what that big idea might look like.

The project as proposed will include a total of four residential towers over a mixed-use podium – two towers per site. According to current zoning, the two towers on the North Site have a maximum height limit of 240 feet, while the maximum height limit for the South Site is 400 feet. Zoning limits the height of the podium along Fairview Ave. N. and Denny Way to 65 feet, while in remaining areas the podium is limited to 45 feet. The centerpiece of the development will be the existing 1931 Seattle Times office building which will be restored and incorporated into the development in a sensitive manner.

The 1,945 units would make this the largest residential complex in the downtown Seattle area.

In the middle of the two blocks, that stretch of John St. will be turned into John St. Plaza, a pedestrian walkway and gathering spot. Renderings clearly show plans for street-level restaurant & retail opportunities.

As for how the Seattle Times building will be incorporated, it remains to be seen. Though it is noted that only the historically-designated section of the Times building will be incorporated and the rest will be demolished.
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