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$1.3M Sequim Home Unique In All The Wrong Ways

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This listing for this 4-BR/3-bath home in Sequim boasts "one of the most unique homes on the Olympic Peninsula." They are not wrong there. But man oh man unique does not equal pretty. Architecturally, it looks like they switched back & forth between building a house and an office complex multiple times. Inside, we are not feeling that faux-rock tropical pond & waterfall setup. It looks like it belongs in the middle of a mall for little kids to throw pennies into. One saving grace is the soundproofed theater with 120' screen and 7.1 sound, but it's all a bit too-little-too-late. The home has been listed and delisted multiple times since 2011 and price-chopped roughly 10%. Understood.
· 233 Raintree Lane, Sequim [Estately]