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Attack Of The Townhomes: DeLoreans For Everyone Edition

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At any given moment there seem to be dozens of townhouses being designed, planned or built around Seattle. We took a look through the design review board archives to see what's currently in the pipeline and here's what we found:

Address: 304 26th Avenue South
What Is It?: The project is a two-structure, six-townhouse complex. Both building will be three stories tall.
Neighborhood: Central District
Amenities: The project plans to achieve a minimum of 4-Star Build Green certification. The driveway will consist of permeable grasscrete pavers. Judging by renderings, residents will all get DeLoreans(?).
Parking: Each unit comes with its own one-car garage.
Obligatory Rooftop Deck?: Of course!

Address: 5515 40th Avenue N.E.
What Is It?: A five-unit row house development replacing an existing single-family residence.
Neighborhood: Ravenna/Bryant
Amenities: A little early to know for sure but plans call for an elevated porch for all homes, which sounds nice.
Parking: A total of five (5) parking stalls are proposed (one per unit), partially below-grade, fully-enclosed and entered from the rear of the site.
Obligatory Rooftop Deck?: Too early to be sure but it seems like it.

Address: 5755 NE 63rd Street
What Is It?: 4 live-work units, 3 rowhomes, and 1 carriage unit for a total of 8 new units.
Neighborhood: Sand Point
Amenities: All 8 units will be designed and constructed for a minimum Built Green 4 star certification.
Parking: One parking stall per unit, plus one bike stall per unit.
Obligatory Rooftop Deck?: Absolutely!
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