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Puget Sound Bike Share Coming To Seattle This Summer

Puget Sound Bike Share recently announced that it's on track for a "late summer" launch, just in time for Seattlites to enjoy riding around during our sunniest months. Ultimately intended to function as part of the city's transit system, bike share will help bridge the gap between trips that are just a little too far to walk and those that are too short to take the bus. With that in mind, PSBS is reaching out to the community for input on bike share station locations.

Don't throw your regular bike in to storage just yet; the system's initial 50 station, 500 bike launch will cover just the neighborhoods around Downtown and the U-district with some connecting stations on Eastlake Ave. And while the bikes' exact specifications have yet to be released, one could reasonably assume they will be similar to those in San Francisco, where they come with seven hill-crushing gears and weigh in at a whopping 42.5 pounds! Other as yet unannounced details include: pricing, color of the bikes and the revelation of the system's rumored flagship sponsor. Look for another post about those as soon as we hear about them.

Do you have the inside scoop on the identity of the system sponsor or have a prediction on the bike's color scheme? Leave us a note in the comments!

Daniel Diiulio is a civil engineer and graduate student at the UW; he considers bicycles vital to humanity's future prosperity. Follow him through the streets of Seattle here.