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Five-Building, 500K Sq. Ft. Office Campus Coming To Ballard

When you think of Ballard construction, you probably think of condos and townhomes. What you probably don't think about is massive office buildings. C.D. Stimson is aware of that gap in the market and will do what they can to fill it when they start building their 500K sq .ft. office campus along the Lake Washington Ship Canal. The five-building campus will be built in five phases, starting with a five-story 105K sq. ft. building at 5423 Shilshole Ave. N.W. Retail will be part of the equation as well. Eventually, the existing Salmon Bay Center will be completely removed in order to make way for the full campus. Be afraid, Fremont, there's a new canal office campus in town.
· Uff da! 500,000 square feet of office space planned for Ballard [PSBJ]