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The Five Least Expensive Properties For Sale In U District

This week we're checking out the five least expensive properties for sale in U District. Boundaries are set by the realtors. We didn't include any property that's currently in contract. A friendly reminder: read the fine print, as some of these abodes have strings attached.

Address: 716 NE 40th St
Asking price: $149K
Size: 630 sq. ft.
Rooms: 1-BR/1-bath
The Skinny: "Home has been vandalized and will require some work including doors, window replacement, minor plumbing, carpet, drywall patching, cabinet fronts. and interior paint." Oh, is that all?

Address: 4225 Brooklyn Ave NE, Unit 11
Asking price: $194K
Size: Unk
Rooms: 1-BR/1-bath
The Skinny: This ground-level unit has a private entrance from the courtyard outside this 1929-built Tudor building. Looks spacious enough...

Address: 5624 Roosevelt Way NE, Unit 202
Asking price: $210K
Size: 590 sq. ft.
Rooms: 1-BR/1.5-bath
The Skinny: This 2nd-floor unit has recently been remodeled.

Address: 4200 11th Ave NE, Unit 3
Asking price: $220K
Size: 634 sq. ft.
Rooms: Studio
The Skinny: Updated first-floor studio in El Monterey is a "studious persons refuge." Check it out, nerd.

Address: 5810 Cowen Place NE, Unit 308
Asking price: $245K
Size: 860 sq. ft.
Rooms: 1-BR/1-bath
The Skinny: South-facing windows affords lots of sunshine in this unit inside a 1928 vintage brick building. $10K chopped off the asking price since initial.