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Seattle's Best Areas For Affordable Homes Near Quality Schools

One of the most important questions a family asks before buying a new home is "What are the local schools like?" Most real estate search sites offer a school search feature, but Seattle-based Estately wanted to help Seattle residents find the most affordable home within the best school service area. And so, they created the Interactive School Value Map, a color-coded and interactive map that allows home shoppers to compare school service areas with their average home prices to determine which homes have the most value.

This useful tool not only includes ratings for every public school in the city, it also shows home buyers the average home price in each school service area, as well the top five deals currently available.

We asked Estately to tally up the five school service areas that offer the best value when considering quality of high schools, middle schools and elementary schools with affordable home prices.

1. Maple Elementary School—Rating 9/10—Average home price $309,296
2. Thurgood Marshall Elementary—9/10—$355,462
3. Whittier Elementary School—10/10—$429,061
4. Daniel Bagley Elementary School—10/10—$431,269
5. Kimball Elementary School—8/10—$360,965

1. Mercer Middle School—8/10—$344,669
2. Eckstein Middle School—9/10—$467,521
3. Whitman Middle School—8/10—$427,634
4. Hamilton International Middle School—10/10—$545,344
5. Madison Middle School—8/10—471,805

1. Nathan Hale High School—8/10—$402,892
2. Ingraham High School—7/10—$408,739
3. Ballard High School—9/10—$540,131
4. Roosevelt High School—9/10—$562,558
5. Chief Sealth High School—5/10—$334,716
· Interactive School Value Map [Estately]