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Move Over Chris Hansen, There's A New SoDo Buyer In Town

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During his push to bring the Sonics back to Seattle, Chris Hansen seemingly bought up every piece of land in SoDo he could get his hands on. Turns out, he left quite a few pieces out there and now Victor Coleman is swooping in to buy up the rest in his own quest to bring hockey to town. Coleman, who was identified last week as one of the prospective owners for an NHL franchise in Seattle, purchased property at 1st & King for $224M in July, the Merrill Place building at 411 First Ave. for $57M in February and a complex at 83 S. King St.

All told, Coleman has already purchased more property in the area than Hansen, though it remains unclear if he has arena plans of his own or is just smartly investing for when the planned sports complex comes to fruition. For the time being, he'll still have to wait for an NBA franchise to come to town first for the arena to be built, but, who knows what the next move is.
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