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A Rare Peek Inside Seattle Architectural Landmark Egan House

To be the youngest building in architectural preservation group Historic Seattle's portfolio, you must be something pretty special. Designed by architect Robert Reichert in 1958, the Egan House, named for its original resident, was Seattle's first taste of expressive modernism. After falling into some disrepair, it was acquired, renovated and made available as a rental to some very lucky person or persons. These days, it's home to "creative technologist" Alaa Mendili, who granted Remodelista a rare chance to step inside and get to know an interior as visually-appealing as its iconic, triangular exterior. Many touches from the home's original era remain without making things feel stodgy. Some of the features are no longer functional, like the 50's fridge, and there's even a door to nowhere, but, it's still a fascinating example of the 'philosophical architecture' Reichert aimed to create.
· Living in an Architectural Landmark, Seattle Edition [Remodelista]