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City Council Lowers Height Limits On Small Lot Construction

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In a huge win for neighborhoods who feel like they're being overrun by oppressive and invasive developments, the Seattle City Council decided Monday to lower height limits on small lots within single-family neighborhoods.

The council also voted down a provision known as the "100 percent rule" that would have allowed developers to build on undersized parcels if the property was the average size of others on the block. Residents from Ballard to Green Lake to West Seattle have been lodging complaints for years now over modern developments, like this one, that rise as high as 30-feet, blocking views and cramping neighbors. The new rule will force developers to adhere to a height limit of 18 feet plus a 5-foot pitched roof, or the average height of adjacent homes. Also, development will not be permitted on lots smaller than 2,500 sq. ft and neighbors will be allowed to appeal to the city on any developing on lots up to 3,200 sq. ft.
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