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Enter The Kenmore Dome: One Buyer Enters, One Seller Leaves

They build'm a little differently out in Kenmore. Take, for example, this domed 4-BR home that recently hit the market asking $900K. Built in 1974 during the "golden age of domed homes," the house features a geodesic dome, a sphere made out of triangular elements. Though updated since, the 4-BR/2.5-bath still retains that sensibility best described by The Simpsons as "what the people in 1965 thought the world would be like in 1987." Massive domes aside, the house also includes a brass fire pole to slide down, hot tub & sauna, large outdoor patio with outdoor shower and a dock for your yacht.
· 8656 NE 170th St, Kenmore [Estately]
· Geodesic dome offers unique living in Kenmore [SeattlePI]