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For $1.399M, Unzip The Zipper House To See What's Inside

When the team at DeForest Architects was hired to remake an generic 1950's house at 3611 W Barrett St. in Magnolia in 2005, they realized they had their work cut out for them. The owner told them he wanted a home "designed around everyday tasks like listening to music, catching up on e-mail, cooking, doing laundry and hanging out with family, friends and pets." So, based on a day in the owner's life, they remade the house. Keeping only the foundation and floor framing for the first four floor levels, they transformed the rest. They opened up the stairs, added a fifth level and created a 'zipper' that weaves together exterior views and interior spaces. Asking $1.399M, the 4-BR Zipper House is now looking for a new owner who hopefully wants to lead the same kind of life.
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