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See The Stunning Artwork From Salon Seattle 2014

[Photo: Tom Wright] Over the weekend, Union Station in Pioneer Square played host to what was possibly a once-in-a-lifetime event. Over seventy decorative painters from around the world came together in one room to participate in Salon Seattle, an annual event hosted by the International Salon of Decorative Painting. While it may see a return to the U.S. someday, a return to Seattle isn't likely. Each year an individual is chosen to host the event and thereby choose the city. This year, Cathy Conner, owner of Studio C, was given the privilege to host.

During the four-day event, each artist presented a finished work on display while also working on a piece during the day for anyone to see how they made their art. The room had a great community feel to it, with every artist more than happy to talk with anyone about how and what they were doing. As well as everyone working on individual pieces,
there was also a communal mural. Designed by artist Micael van de Laar of Holland, every participant was invited to contribute to the finished work.
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