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Arbol Lofts Coming Soon For The Well-Read Microhouser

The upcoming Arbol Lofts project in Capitol Hill will go before the design review board on May 30 for early design guidance. Before they do, we got a chance to see what will happen when the single-family home snuggled between two midrise masonry apartment buildings becomes a five-level, 9,675 sq. ft. complex with twenty 330 sq. ft. studios inside. Each studio comes with a full kitchen, full washroom and built-in storage. Every level shares a common storage room and laundry, with a ground level storage room for 28 bikes. The building is capped by two roof gardens offering views of Seattle. While checking out the renderings, we accidentally interrupted the young woman in the lobby while she was reading. Carry on, miss. We're just looking around.

· 611 E. Howell St []