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This Judgmental Map Of Seattle Probably Offends You

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We've seen offensive maps of Seattle's neighborhoods before but never quite this detailed. Our fair city has finally gotten the Judgmental Maps treatment and you're either going to love it or write a sternly-written comment defending your slice of Seattle against these vicious stereotypes. Could go either way. Of course there's the requsitie Starbucks & Microsoft references, but make this map again in five years and it'll just be one big Amazon logo. We're partial to "White Joggers" for The Elliott Bay Waterfront, "Dog Poop Farm" for Magnolia and "Let's Get Stabbed" in Downtown. Don't feel too ganged up on, Seattleites, the suburbs aren't safe either ("Redneckopolis"). We're curious to know who should be the most offended (the further south and/or east you go, the more likely that becomes). Also, check out how New York, Chicago and Atlanta fared to find out if we got off easy.
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