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Chris Hansen Found Some SoDo Property He Didn't Already Own

Much like Billy Zane exclaims "It's a walk-off" in Zoolander, we're here to announce that we've got ourselves a good, old-fashioned "buy-off" going on in SoDo. We all know that Chris Hansen already owns a sizable chunk of the neighborhood ($64.7M-worth, to be exact) for his potential Seattle Arena project. With the brakes firmly pumped on that for the time being, Hansen cooled his buying jets for a while. Then, Victor Coleman started buying up property of his own as he ramped up efforts to buy an NHL franchise that would play in Hansen's arena and apparently that pushed Chris to make sure he owned every single lot he could possibly need just in case.

PSBJ reports that Hansen recently inked an option to buy five acres at 1900 Occidental Ave. S. Currently a warehouse, that lot is located just south of the proposed arena. No price terms disclosed but the option is good until March 31, 2017, which is more than enough time for this arena plan to finally know if this arena is ever gonna happen.
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