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Mapping Seattle's 11,138 Upcoming Apartments & Condos

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In case it hasn't been made abundantly clear by all of the cranes and construction around town as well as the rising rents, Seattle is in the midst of a residential building boom. Our friends at HotPads have mapped out all the apartment and condo development going on in Seattle right now. Luxury high-rise to affordable housing, there's something coming in almost every price range and every neighborhood, from Belltown's NHabit to Downtown's Viktoria to Capitol Hill's 12th Avenue Arts complex.

In case it hasn't been driven home just how much development is going on in Seattle, check out how the city compares to other major cities around the U.S. when it comes to planned and/or in research projects...

Despite being among the smallest in terms of population, Seattle is alongside cities such as Los Angeles and Chicago in terms of future development.

So, will these 11,138 units be able to appease the ever-growing demand for homes, especially as more and more Amazon folks move into the area? Will inventory level off and rents relax? We'll have to wait and see how it plays out.
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