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Introducing The Lexicon Of Capitol Hill's Lexicon

Lexicon, the new 38-unit apartment project by Barrientos at 120 Harvard Avenue East in Capitol Hill, has a brand new website up and running. Scheduled for completion in Summer 2014, they really seem to be taking that name to heart. And we really wish they hadn't.

Lexicon is a new definition for apartment living on Capitol Hill.

So far, so good. Cringe-worthy but no more so than any other apartment complex in Seattle.

What's Lexicon? Lexicon is larger apartment homes with liveableroom... Uh-oh..

...where you can get comfortable, entertainability for all your friends, swoonducing city, mountain and neighborhood views...


...and chefkits for your inner chef. Oh FFS...

Lexicon introduces a new architectural language as a boutiquement on Seattle's Capitol Hill. Oh we really wish they hadn't...

Where's Lexicon? Sitting proudly at 120 Harvard Avenue East, Lexicon is in the midst of the urbuzz of Capitol Hill. Did they see what happened when people started calling it "Cap Hill?" What are locals going to do when they realize the neighborhood is being described as an "urbuzz?" AN URBUZZ???

Lexidents will have the option of enjoying the tree-lined Harvard Avenue façade or choosing front row seats to the vibrancy that is Broadway, directly across from the new Sound Transit Capitol Hill light rail station opening in 2014. We were so close. It's 99% of a normal sentence chocked full of information and light on the hyperbole. And then you remember that they referred to the people who will live there as "Lexidents" and your soul split into two.

When's Lexicon? Your coolpacity gets a boost begining Summer 2014. God is dead.
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