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Six Puget Sound Projects Honored With VISION 2040 Awards

By 2040, it's expected that 5M people will call the Puget Sound region home. Will we be ready to accommodate everyone in an healthy economic way? Vision 2040 is the concept put forward by the Puget Sound Regional Council to make that happen and the VISION 2040 Awards are a way to showcase the companies and groups actually doing the work to make it happen.

The six award winners were announced last week. They include

12th Avenue Arts (Seattle): "A vibrant new multi-purpose building in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood, which transforms a 29,000 square foot surface parking lot into a cultural center that meets arts, housing and public safety needs."

Pierce County Agriculture Program (Pierce County): "A successful program to strengthen support for farming and farmers to ensure agriculture remains a healthy component of the Pierce County community."

Fourth Street Improvements (Bremerton): "A streetscape design that created a lively theatrical ambiance to generate new investment in downtown Bremerton."

Arbor Village (Mountlake Terrace): "The first, large scale mixed-use project to be developed in Mountlake Terrace's new Town Center."

Redmond's Central Connector (Redmond): The connector locates several instrumental public infrastructure projects on ten acres of prime real estate in the regional growth center and opens a network of active transportation opportunities using the eastside rail corridor.

Residential Infill Measures Report (Everett): "A reference manual of innovative infill practices and an exploration of potential housing types, infill locations, and land use code changes that will increase residential development capacity in Everett."
· VISION 2040 Award Winners Honored [PSRC]