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House Flippers Scoring Big In Rainier Valley & West Seattle

Redfin recently dug into the house flipping market to find out that 2013 was a record-setting year for gains, averaging $113,600 per home in Seattle. The hottest spot for flipping? Rainier Valley, with an average gain from a flip of $153K, making it the 18th-best neighborhood in the nation. West Seattle flippers saw a gain of $143K, good for 23rd-best in the nation.

Seattle ranks near the top in major markets where flippers are making gains. It ranks tenth in Avg. Gain From Flipped House in 2013, just behind San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles. It's ahead of Portland ($99K) and Tacoma ($74K). Check out Redfin's full report here.
· What's Up with the Flipping Market?! [Redfin]


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