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That's Quite The View From This Omer Mithun Bellevue 3-BR

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Omer Mithun came to the Pacific Northwest during World War II and stuck around to open an architectural practice in Bellevue. Good thing he did as he ended up helping to shape the look of local architecture from Seattle to Bellevue and beyond. Along the way he built this 3-BR contemporary retreat in the Bellevue neighborhood of Eastgate, which recently hit the market asking $950K. The setting alone, with its views of Lake Washington & downtown Bellevue, is something. The house takes full advantage, loading up on window walls that let in light and take in the horizon. Plenty of open space throughout the 3K sq. ft. home, keeping things spacious. Outside, you've got 27K sq. ft. of property to roam as well. Mithun was well-known for his attention to detail and he clearly paid attention to the story here.
· 5356 153rd Ave SE, Bellevue [Estately]