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AMLI Mark24 Now Pre-Leasing, Anhalt Apartments Reborn

BALLARD—Leasing is officially underway at AMLI Mark24, which almost sounds like the name of a ship in Star Trek but is actually a 304-unit apartment complex at 2428 Northwest Market Street. Units begin at a 537 sq. ft. studio ($1,415/mo.) and go up to a 1,078 sq. ft. 2-BR ($2,660/mo.). Construction is expected to be finished in September 2015. [BBH]

CAPITOL HILL—Built by Fred Anhalt in 1931, the apartment building at 16th and E John has been revived. Now named Anhalt Apartments, the landmark building has begun pre-leasing with a range starting at $1,595/mo. for studios, topping out at $3,150/mo for a 2-BR. The original structure will eventually be converted back to 24 apartments with a modern addition across a back courtyard adding 15 additional units. [CHS]

PIONEER SQUARE—The building at 123 Third Ave. S. as well as a building to be built on a neighboring parking lot are being rebranded as the JANDS Center, which aims to be a facility for arts organizations, small businesses and startups. Philanthropist Shari D. Behnke is in charge of the project. The renovated building will be open in 2015 while the new building will be ready in 2017. [PSBJ]