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2-BR Inside This Cyborg-Chic Ravenna Building Asking $275K

We're not saying that the Ravenna building that includes this 2-BR/1.75-bath that just hit the market for $275K was an attempt to create an architectural style known as Cyborg Chic, but, well, look at the evidence. Both feature a glowing, ever-watching, never-blinking eye. Both were created in roughly the same time (1977 for the house, 1980 for the character). Both enjoy generous closet space (we assume). And both like cats (again, we're making an assumption but we feel good about it). All we know is, if you're taking bets on buildings in Seattle likely to become sentient in the near future, we're placing good odds on this one.
· 5228 21st Ave NE Unit 2 [Estately]
· Cyborg [Wikipedia]