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More South Lake Union Development, $30M In Suncadia Real Estate Sales

RENTON—The 400-unit Carriages at Fairwood Downs apartment complex recently sold as part of a $229M deal that also included two complexes in Colorado. The buyers were TruAmerica Mulitfamily and Allstate Life Insurance Co., who only probably coincidentally seem to be investing in states with legal marijuana. [PSBJ]

SOUTH LAKE UNIONAlexandria Real Estate Equities is out to prove that SLU development isn't just for condos and office space. They plan to develop an 11-story office/lab project in Seattle at 400 Dexter Ave. N. Of course, Alexandria has three other Seattle projects in the works, one of which may in fact be a SLU residential tower. [PSBJ]

CLE ELUMSuncadia Resort has announced that the first half of 2014 has put it on track to be its best real estate year since 2008. Since January, Suncadia has had approximately $30M in sales for homes, homesites and condominiums ranging in price from $80,000 to $2M. [Suncadia]