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First Look At Vulcan's Next South Lake Union Complex

It wouldn't feel right if Vulcan wasn't planning a new project in South Lake Union and thanks to a packet posted in preparation for their first design review meeting on July 2, we get our initial look at plans for a new complex with two distinct options. The first option would break down as 420K sq. ft. of office space in a 240-foot-tall building, 460K sq. ft. of residential units in a 400-foot-tall tower, 30K sq. ft. of street-level retail space along Westlake and Denny, and approximately 800 underground parking spaces. The second option would have about 570K sq. ft. of offices in two buildings, plus 30K sq. ft. of retail along Westlake and Denny, and approximately 600 parking spaces underground. With either option, Vulcan is looking for an alley vacation in order to make it a pedestrian walkway. Check out the renderings for all of the potential options and looks.
· 910 9th Ave N []