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The Five Easy Steps To Everything Curbed Seattle

So, you know how we write about all of the Seattle development and neighborhood news we can get our hands on and you keep coming back because we're so very awesome? Well, there are even more ways to get involved and have us feature more stuff you love! Want to know how? Of course you do, silly question...

1. Shoot us a message to our tip line. This can be anonymous or we can blast out your name as the source if you'd like. Hit us up at or simply fill out the form.

2. Join our Flickr pool and have your amazing shots of Seattle pasted on our stories. And don't worry — we always give credit and link back to the photos. Just remember to make your photos available for download and you could very well see your streetscapes on Curbed Seattle any minute!

3. "Like" us on Facebook for some Curbed goodness in your feed. It's the surest way to know you won't miss any of our stories.

4. Join the conversation on Twitter for up to the minute updates from your pals at Curbed Seattle. Not only do we share our posts but we also share other local updates and news.

5. Sign up for our daily newsletter. It's quick and easy. Enter your email in the field over on the right of the page and we'll be slingin' some more Curbed Seattle goodness to your inbox three times a week. As an added bonus, you'll also get the top stories from Eater Seattle as well.