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7K+ New Apartment Units Under Construction Around Seattle

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In case you've been wondering just how many new apartments are on their way to Seattle, Polaris Pacific has you answer. As part of their April market overview, they put together this handy chart outlining how many new apartment units are under construction in and around Seattle as well as what specific neighborhoods they'll be coming to. That's the 7,366 apartment units under construction on the left and the 4,414 apartment units approved on the right.

Not to be outdone, there's also some solid condominium construction in the works as well. 844 new condos are currently under construction in Seattle while an additional 499 are entitled and could begin construction in the near future.

Finally, Polaris notes that while most districts in Seattle experienced positive median price growth over the past year, some districts declined in total resales. The most notable year-over-year price and sales increases occurred in Northwest Seattle (+37.3%) while Central Seattle (-12.9%) and Westlake/Eastlake/South Lake Union (-1.7%) experienced annual median price decreases.
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