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'The House That Bejeweled Built' Available For $5.45M

If you've got Big Money!, you might want to consider taking a look at the 4-BR/5-bath at 1228 2nd Ave N in Queen Anne. Asking $5.45M, you'll want to put an offer in before the Feeding Frenzy starts on the house currently owned by PopCap Games co-founder Brian Fiete. A Mummy Maze this ain't, lots of open spaces thanks to sliding walls that complete an inside-outside experience. A sleek, modern kitchen is perfect for a Pizza Frenzy as well as a simple meal if you prefer a Solitaire Blitz. Originally built in 1900, the house has been fully renovated to the point where it's a Bejeweled beacon looking out on the Space Needle and skyline. If the world ever turns into a Plants vs. Zombies apocalypse, you'll be well protected inside this luxury estate. Except for the plants, that is.
· 1228 2nd Ave N [Estately]
· 1228 Second Avenue North [Vicaso]

Space Needle

400 Broad Street, , WA 98109