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The Walton Family Could Buy Seattle If They Wanted

The Puget Sound region has no shortage of billionaires that have changed the local landscape. Bill Gates and Microsoft turned Bellevue from a sleepy suburb into a city while Jeff Bezos and Amazon are remaking downtown Seattle in their image. But what if a billionaire wanted to just straight-up buy Seattle? What if someone had enough money to buy up every house, condo and townhouse in the city? Redfin decided to figure it out and while Gates or Bezos don't have enough billions to buy up Seattle, The Walton family that founded Wal-Mart could team up and buy us all out for the sum of $111.5B. Don't cry for Gates or Bezos, they can still afford to buy Boston and Napa, respectively.
· Which billionaire could buy your city? [Redfin]


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