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Peek Inside Four of Seattle's Coolest Tiny Homes

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[It might be small but it's certainly not small on style. Check out more pics.]

Apartment Therapy's annual Small Cool Contest is a veritable catalog of creative ideas for how to kit out a small space in a way that makes it not feel like some kind of torture chamber or an overstuffed thrift store. We scoured the entries from the categories ranging from "Tiny" to "Teeny-Tiny" to "Little" and found four from the Seattle-area. You can also vote on your favorites through June 13 and then again on the finalists from June 17-18.

Take Tomas' 500-square-foot Seattle apartment, pictured above, as an example. We're guessing it's located in Pioneer Square considering how he enjoys "the glow of the Seattle ports and stadiums." Instead of a painting or artwork, the main area includes a mirror, which "add depth and dimension to the room while bringing in light." Check out his entry for more photos of his well-designed pad.

A bit bigger at 800 square-feet, Lacey's home puts that space to the test thanks to a family of five. As you can see, the home is full of bright greenery and that's no mistake. "Buy plants! Seriously!!! Bringing greenery into your home is not only good for your health but beautiful too." Lacey also recommends using lots of color and keeping windows unshaded. Check out more photos of her small home here.

And now for something super-tiny, we check out Kristen & Emre's 420-square-foot downtown studio. What the space lacks in size, it makes up for with views. "We love being able to see multiple bodies of water, mountains, and downtown Seattle right from our couch. The dogs really enjoy being able to see what's happening on our street as well!" They recommend finding furniture that can work double duty. "Our dining table also serves as a desk and a table for crafting." More photos (most including dogs) this-a-way.

Finally we head up to Sammamish where Amanda's 590-square-foot studio awaits. The key for her isn't to pack the place with art or wall hangings but rather to let the outside world in. "No amount of artwork can compete with Mother Nature." Amanda suggests cleaning up as a good way to maintain as much space as possible. "If you bring something home; donate something else to help keep balance in your space." See more photos over here.
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