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Iconic Bike/Walk Bridge Designs Could Remake Northgate

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Commuters planning on walking or biking from the upcoming Northgate Station site to College Way are facing a dilemma. The 1.2 mile route between the two means traversing some very unpleasant roads, bridges and underpasses, not to mention dealing with cars coming & going from I-5. SDOT is busy making plans for a bike/walk bridge that will turn that into a 0.5 mile route that's way safer and way more enjoyable. Multiple design options were presented recently and clearly SDOT is not messing around. They offers up Cable Stay, Tied Arch and Tube/Truss options and will make their final selection this fall.

SDOT and Sound Transit have already secured $10M of the $25M needed to complete the project and are teaming up to seek the rest in the form of a federal grant. Construction of the bridge would begin mid-2016 with completion in early 2018.
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