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Victorian Landmark House in Madrona Protected by Gargoyles

Approach the 4-BR/4-bath Victorian house at 1630 36th Ave. in Madrona at your own peril. It was built in 1892, back when people believed that gargoyles were real (presumably). That makes the fact that the house is protected by two gargoyles out front all the more terrifying. Officially known as the Charles R. Bussell Residence, the house was designated a Seattle landmark in 1979. Built by real estate developer George S. List and design by Thomas G. Bird, Bussell and his wife moved in to the home in 1900 and lived there until 1928. Since then, owners have reshaped the property with Mediterranean and Spanish touches, though much of that has been removed and the home has been restored to the point where some rooms look untouched for 122 years. Listed for $2.962M, the home last sold in 1994 for $767K to Darren Pritt, co-owner of Pritty Boys Family Pizzeria.
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H/T: The Tim