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Seattle's Iconic Meat Dishes; The City's Best Butchers

This week's top hits from Eater Seattle, Curbed's sibling bar, restaurant, and nightlife blog.
BUTCHER SHOPS— It's The Five Days of Meat at Eater, which is the perfect time to highlight some of the city's best neighborhood butcher shops. Here's a map showcasing spots in Seattle proper and outside of the city to find cuts of meat so fresh they put what you'll find at the supermarket to shame.

ICONIC MEAT— From Paseo's Caribbean roast to Dick's burger, Eater has a guide to "Twelve Iconic Seattle Meat Dishes to Try Before You Die." How many have you tasted?

LEGALIZED IT— Since legal recreational marijuana is now for sale in Washington, Eater pulled together a map of where to eat when you have the munchies. Right this way to more biscuits, noodles, and cheese than you can handle.