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Once a Houseboat, Now a Wallingford Cottage Asking $600K

When it was originally-built in 1910, this was an 800 sq. ft. structure consisted of four rooms and a sleeping loft. Oh, and it was a houseboat, did we forget to mention that? In 1924, that houseboat was moved all the way up to 38th St. and eventually became a 1,820 sq. ft. 2-BR home. Asking $600K, the Wallingford house has since been renovated, modernized and expanded so that it's much more grounded now. Still, some houseboat flourishes remain, including the twirling staircase and wood features. If you ever feel seasick, take the dutch door to enter a lush garden & patio set-up that puts you firmly on the ground.
· 1550 N 38th St [Estately]