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Big SLU Residential Tower Plans, Station at Othello Park Sold

SOUTH LAKE UNIONWilshire Capital Partners is proposing a 26-story residential tower at 427 Ninth Ave. N. in South Lake Union, right across the street from a new Amazon office. The 244-unit complex would also include 3,400 sq. ft. of retail and 69 parking stalls. Wilshire bought the site for $5.9M last year. [PSBJ]

RAINIER VALLEYThe Station at Othello Park apartment complex at 4219 S. Othello St. has sold for nearly $74.8M to German group Universal Investment. After initially struggling to fill vacancies, the 351-unit project saw impressive fill rates for it's apartments, though street-level retail has remained a struggle to attract. [PSBJ]

CENTRAL DISTRICT—The Squire Plaza Apartments were built seven years ago as a mostly-affordable housing complex. With initial terms of the construction expiring, the building may be sold to a for-profit developer who can jack up prices and drive out low-income renters. A decision is coming down next week. [KIRO]