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Peter Bohlin Contemporary in Capitol Hill Asking $1.39M

Architect Peter Bohlin is kind of a big deal. The winner of the 2010 Gold Medal of the American Institute of Architects, he's responsible for the design of, amongst many other things, Seattle City Hall, Ballard Library and a multitude of iconic Apple Stores around the world. He's also the architect of this Contemporary 3-BR in Capitol Hill that just hit the market asking $1.39M. The award-winning home was built in 2000 and features a structural steel spine that extends the length of the house while also supporting two private decks that jut out. A modern Pacific Northwest interior if we've ever seen one, the open wood, glass and steel materials keep spaces clean and rooms bright. The upstairs bedroom is less a room than a floor, which might be a required taste. Fans of wide open spaces, inside and out, will appreciate this one.
· 2415 E Highland Dr [Redfin]
· Peter Bohlin Contemporary on Capitol Hill [urbnlivn]

Seattle City Hall

700 5th Ave, Seattle, WA