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Mapping One Year of Graffiti Reports Across Seattle

The folks at You Are Here are back at it with another interactive map of Seattle, this time visualizing what one year in graffiti reports across the city looks like.

The data visualized in this map is obtained from 311 service requests for graffiti removals reported to the city in 2013. The upper graph shows the number of reported graffiti removal requests each month. Initially, all incidents from 2013 are shown together on the map...If a block is reported over 3 or more different months during the year, then the corresponding dots are colored red, denoting frequently graffitied areas. The bar chart below the map shows graffiti counts in each neighborhood in the city. Click here to see the whole map, animate it over the course of the whole year or zero in on a particular neighborhood. According to their data, Capitol Hill (94), Downtown (91) and Delridge (72) were the neighborhoods with the most reported incidents.
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