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Uptown CVS Plans Morph Into 3-Story Mixed-Use Project

When the design review board looks over a proposal for a new building at 1901 First Ave. W. on July 30, they'll see two extra levels than were originally intended. What was once a one-story CVS Pharmacy is now a three-story, mixed-use building proposed by The Velmeir Cos. According to Velmeir, plans changed after neighborhood groups indicated they wanted to "see a bigger mixed-use project on that corner." The building will now have 16K sq. ft. of retail space, 32 apartments and 62 below-grade parking spaces. A small retail space on Mercer St. that won't belong to CVS may turn into a food court. Velmeir hopes to start construction in January.
· Proposal for an Uptown drug store grows into 3-story mixed-use project [DJC]