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'Casa Hermosa' Lives Up to Spanish Eclectic Architectural Style

Spanish Eclectic is a bit of misnomer. As an architectural style, it's more likely to be a combination of details from Spain, Africa, the Mediterranean and South America. Keep that in mind as you peruse 'Casa Hermosa,' an exotic Spanish Eclectic 3-BR perched on the hill above Morgan Junction in West Seattle. Stained glass, stucco walls, scalloped entries and a gable tile roof all fit the bill, though care to imbue an authentic feel through accessories is evident as well. On another house, the worn brick might be a sign of disrepair, but here it helps tell a story of the 1931 home well. Asking $925K, this "one of a kind" home might just live up to that title, at least in Seattle proper.
· 6923 40th Ave SW [Estately]