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See The Space Needle From a Drone's Point of View

We'll leave the requisite 'Attack of the Drones' quips for every other Seattle media outlet. Instead, we'll just let you read about that time the police got a call about a drone flying into the Space Needle...

Space Needle security called police just before 8:30 PM after several guests reported seeing a small drone buzz the top of the Needle, and possibly crash into an observation Deck window. Witnesses then saw the drone—described as a white, quad-propeller unmanned aerial vehicle, equipped with a camera—glide to a hotel two blocks east of the Needle, where it landed inside a fifth floor room.

Despite witness reports that the drone flew into the Needle, there was no proof or damage. What we do have, however, is some pretty footage of the Needle and Seattle from the drone's perspective. As for what this means for the future of flying video cameras that can come right up to us and start filming, well, that's a topic being discussed all around town today.

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