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New Rainier Square Tower Renderings Reign in The Boot

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When we saw Wright-Runstad and NBBJ's original designs for Rainier Square's 50-story tower and redevelopment, all we could see was a humongous silver stiletto heel boot. The design review board had some recommendations of their own and updated renderings have been released in preparation for an August 5 guidance meeting. What's different? Well, the boot has apparently been given the boot for a slightly-more streamline look. The hotel has been set back 26 feet and the base has been "carved" back 10 feet to keep sight lines open. They've also added retail, pedestrian and public space context to the base near Rainier Tower to illustrate how these spaces will add to the character of the neighborhood. Clearly, going by the brands and names featured in the renderings, they're expecting a pretty classy clientele.
· 1301 5th Ave []
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