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Buy the 9th Floor of a Queen Anne Condo Building For $5M

Sure, you could buy Unit 9E at 111 West Highland Dr. for $2.6M and get fabulous views of the Seattle Skyline. Or you could buy Unit 9W for $2.4M and get stunning sunset views over the hill. Or, we suppose, you could just pony up the full $5M and buy the whole damn floor to cover all your bases. Repackaged as one unit, the 5-BR/5.25-bath, 9th Floor penthouse is offering unobstructed panoramic 360 degree views of, well, everything. At 5,356 sq. ft., there's plenty of space, including your own personal elevator lobby, retro 70's bar, a wrap-around deck and a wine room. So we suppose the question is, do you want 9E, 9W or the whole Niner?
· 111 W Highland Dr Unit 9E [Estately]
· 111 W Highland Dr Unit 9W [Estately]
· 111 W Highland Dr Unit 9 [Estately]