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And Now, The Bark-Covered Floating House On Lake Union

If you've ever come across this 1-BR floating home on Lake Union, you may have wondered what exactly is going on. Is it a secret lair for a super-villain that Phoenix Jones will have to eventually fight? Is it an off-the-books tree laboratory run by UW and the CIA? Houzz recently took a tour and while we don't find all the answers, we do get to see what's going on inside. First things first, yes, the exterior is in fact poplar bark siding all the way from North Carolina. And while you can usually only see the portholes from the dock, you'll be happy to know there are floor-to-ceiling windows facing out and bringing in some much-need light. Other hard-to-tell features include a living roof, sapele wood interiors (drywall-free), outdoor deck with kitchen and a dumbwaiter that goes from the basement to the second floor.