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Take a Peek Inside 325 Westlake's Available Penthouse Loft

Boutique loft building 325 Westlake in South Lake Union is filling up fast. In just one-and-a-half weeks after opening for business, all but one unit have been spoken for. However, that one unit still available is some mighty nice living, the 1,750 sq ft, top-floor, 2-BR/2-bath penthouse. As Tim Maass, 325's leasing consultant, says, "If they ever reshot the TV show Fraiser, I'm sure this would be the apartment they'd use."

The building is owned by the same folks running the MadArt space in the building next door, so every day you'll be able to take in the sights of whatever new art installation they're put together. The penthouse owner will get both a private-access elevator and staircase to take you home. And soon as you reach the top floor and step off the elevator, you're home. The whole floor is yours, no need for late night tip toeing down the hall to avoid bugging the neighbors.

Other features include: washer/dryer, high ceilings, gigabyte speed internet included, master lighting controls, built-in cabinetry and top of the line kitchen appliances.

The high ceilings, steel beams, and polished concrete floors give the space a very industrial and modern feel to it, very cohesive and consistent. Every room has access to the deck, which wraps around almost the entire unit. The second bedroom could easily be used as an office if needed. While one might be concerned about construction noise in and around SLU right now, the glass doors and windows do an amazing job of blocking out any outside sound.

Due to the rush of the other units moving in right now, building reps say they hope to have the penthouse unit scheduled for a move-in no earlier than August. Interested? Check out their site for more info.
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