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Let's Compare Puget Sound Rents From 1971 & Now

It can be a little jarring to look at where rents are in Seattle right now and compare them to just a few years ago. So imagine how jarring it is to look at rents today and compare them to rents in 1971. SounderBruce recently uploaded an image of a Seattle Times classified section from '71 to Reddit Seattle. It features apartment listings from Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland and elsewhere, all of which are going for amounts that would be unthinkable now. Of course, there's whole inflating thing, but even adjusting for that, it seems like today's rents are still way higher than they should be in some places. Go figure. We pulled out a couple examples to compare.
· Here's a house list in The Seattle Times classifieds after the Boeing Bust of 1971 [RS]