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Elton John Enthusiasts Only For This $2.4M William Bain 5-BR

Is there an Elton John Channel that we don't know about? If so, that explains a lot about the listing for this 4,250 sq. ft. Magnolia 5BR that just hit the market for $2.4M. The home, designed by legendary Seattle architect William J. Bain (the first B in NBBJ), still has a lot of its original charm but has clearly been modernized by the current owners. It pains us...PAINS see a "man cave" with an actual man cave sign, but the fact that it's being used to watch, not football, but Elton John concerts fills us with giddy delight. Keep an eye out for Sir Elton in a shot of the modern kitchen that overlooks Puget Sound as well. Throw in the 4-car garage filled with imported cars in front of an American flag wall and this truly is a luxury home full of contradictions.
· 2271 Westmont Wy W [Estately]
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